Thursday, December 31, 2009

Warrior Soul - Last Decade Dead Century

In Junior High, I was obsessed with this album. It reflected my urge to roam, my new found taste for rebellion, and my raging hormones. A friend of mine named Mark who lived in some kind of half-way house for bad teens told me about this album. He told me it was really hard to find, and one of his favorite records. Later, when I found it on cassette, I thought I had struck gold. I loved it intensely. Sure, it is a Rock N Roll album, not much more, but its beautiful, evocative and always fills me with hope and reminds me of those days in Junior High.

I love this album even today, although I have to admit that much of it's appeal most likely lies in nostalgia, but I do think it is a strong album. None of the other records this band released since did a thing for me. Just this one.

Check it out if you haven't, one of my favorite records ever, and oh yeah, by the way, Warrior Soul's singer is Kory Clarke, who now sings for Trouble as well.

Info on the band HERE and download HERE

Here is their one semi-big hit, you may remember this video from such MTV programs as Headbanger's Ball. "We Cry Out" from the album "Last Decade Dead Century."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Skeletal Earth - Eulogy For A Dying Fetus

I was a huge Skeletal Earth fan back in the day. I traded tapes and letters with vocalist Travis Ogletree for years, so in 1991 when their first full length album came out entitled "Eulogy For A Dying Fetus," I was more than excited for it. It shares much with Napalm Death, but also injects some Pungent Stench style humor with catchy melodies and interesting hooks.

Skeletal Earth were the biggest and best of the TN/AL grind/death scene going on at the time that also included bands like Necrospasm, Cannibal Holiday, Mule Skinner, and one of my favorite unknown doom bands, Crematorial Death. The band split up in 1993 around the time I got a letter from Travis stating he had found God and was splitting the band up and selling all his metal.

"Eulogy For A Dying Fetus" proved to be just a stepping stone to much greater music later; my favorite being their 1993 cassette EP "Dreighphuck."

More information HERE and download HERE

See the band live in 1989

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tulip Sweet And Her Trail Of Tears - Touched!

Tulip Sweet and her Trails Of Tears was an odd anomaly in Minneapolis. I accidentally saw this band at The Uptown in Minneapolis in the mate '90s sometime, and I was somewhat flabbergasted. The band came off like a quirky and slightly drunk cabaret performance, complete with singing saw and various odd instrumentation, and the front woman, Tulip Sweet, stole the show. She sang and strutted around the stage like she was a lunatic, a stripper, and your best friend. Her voice achieving a scream as easily as a croon.

I saw her and her band multiple times in Minneapolis in the years I lived there, and these are the only recordings I ever owned, or heard by her. To me, this band was an oasis of originality and life in a music scene I found stale and weak. Their performances made the band seem larger than life, and Tulip owned the stage every night in a way I have rarely seen.

As far as I know they remained a local band for the most part, and did not receive much recognition in our outside of Minneapolis, and as far as I can tell, they are long gone, with little information on the web about them all. This is by far one of my favorite little known gems.

Tulip Sweet website HERE

Download "Touched!" HERE

and check out this funny music video for 'Rising Action!' from the album "Touched!"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hollow Branches - Anchored In Sleep

Today is the official release date of Hollow Branches debut album, "Anchored In Sleep." It is being released through Strix Records free as a high quality download at either 192KB or 320KB mp3s or at 44.1 16bit .wav files for CD quality.

Hollow Branches is the product of my old friend Robert Hunter, formerly of Conversations About The Light. Helping him with this endeavor is Marius Sjoli and myself on bass guitar. Please also take notice of the DONATE button on the Strix Records site. Here is the official press release:

Thematically inspired by dreams, insomnia, nostalgia and morning, “Anchored in Sleep” finds Hollow Branches expanding their sound with elements of progressive and post rock, as well as glitch.
Many, many thanks go to Bernt Karsten Sannerud for giving the album so much attention in the mixing process.
If you like what you hear and want to donate, we have set up a donate button through Paypal. You can also help us out by letting us know what you think, or just sharing the album with others.

Download HERE

Monday, November 16, 2009

Paraxism - Promo 1997

As promised a while back, here is another installment of the wonderful Paraxism. Perhaps the most under-rated and unrecognized metal band ever, or at least to me and my circle of friends. My collection of Paraxism material differs from the info found at Metal Archives HERE so I will just go by what my tape traded tapes say about these demos and limited releases, like this one, that were not properly released and distributed.

So, as far as I am aware this was just called Promo '97, and as far as I know, was never really released or sent to labels at all. I have never seen a cover for it, and no little about it save what the band told me when it was released.

Enjoy one of the finest bands to EVER emerge from Finland. HERE

Friday, November 6, 2009

Susurrus Inanis - The Shadowless Shining Demo 1997

This is another old demo of mine. The band was formed by myself and Daniel Breyer in 1997. This was right before and somewhat concurrent with the formation of Agalloch as well. We released this one demo in 1997, limited to 200 copies if I remember correctly, and then got signed to Cold Spring Records out of England. It was my first record contract and we were all very excited.

After that, Daniel's life in academics took precedence over music, and Sculptured, Nothing and Agalloch took precedence over Susurrus Inanis for me, and the project collapsed with only the one demo to our name.

Many Agalloch fans fell in love with Breyer's work on "Pale Folklore" and "Of Stone Wind, and Pillor" and have wanted to hear this demo. Few mp3s have surfaced, and no downloads of the entire demo have surfaced as far as I am aware. For those who loved Breyer's work in Agalloch, this demo will be a welcome treat as it further continues and refines that style. Yes, I am on the demo too, but my portions are amateur at best. A lack of ability and equipment at the time made my contributions more of a hindrance than anything.

Enjoy this rare look into the past of Agalloch.

Download HERE

Thursday, September 24, 2009

White Noise - An Electric Storm

I was recently introduced to this band by my good old pal, Joseph from Vendlus Records. I had never heard of it, but he proclaimed that it was right up my alley. Upon some research, I found that everyone from The Orb to Secret Chiefs 3 has claimed White Noise as an influence. Listening to the band's debut album "An Electric Storm" released in 1969 reveals a mix of tape manipulation, folk and psychedelic rock as well as ambient electronics.

This album reminds me of the best moments of The Residents, yet it retains a very 60's feel to it. It is the kind of album that almost everyone can find something of value in. Some of it even reminds me of The Monkees.

Download HERE and read more about it HERE.

A Tribute To Robert Crouse

My friend Ken Gorski sent me an Email the other day with this album attached. Ken is one of the masterminds behind the brilliant plunderphonic cut-up nightmare that is Jam Handy. Ken explained to me that in High School he started making cut up tapes with his best friend Robert Crouse. In 2004, Robert died and Ken spent a sleepless night compiling this album of early works with his friend Robert.

This album portrays two youngsters mainly fooling around, finding their voice as artists in it's infancy, and documents a great friendship. I am honored that Ken wanted me to share this with the world.

Download HERE

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gnome - Under The Black Moon

Gnome is the creation of Masanori a.k.a. "Wood." Masanori is a Japanese fellow who runs Cosmic Garden Productions aside from maintaining this one-man black metal wonder. Gnome's roots obviously lay with the Norwegian hordes of Darkthrone and Burzum, but Gnome offer some new spices to the recipe as well.

"Under The Black Moon" is Gnome's second demo and it was released in 1996. In 1999 Gnome released a split LP with Nyarlathotep also from Japan, and since then has disappeared, rumor has it, the one-man project dissolved.

Download HERE and more info HERE

Thursday, September 17, 2009

V.B.G. - Compilation

V.B.G. stood for Victimized By Gypsies, and it was my first proper band. We were teenagers in Bozeman, Montana and played shows around the Bozeman area for a few years. We were a grindcore/death metal band that worshiped at the feet of Napalm Death, Obituary, Carcass and Pungent Stench.

We released two demos "Staff Infection" and "Auntie Christ" both in 1992. At the time, and in our area especially, death metal was totally unknown, local kids thought we had invented it. Adam Jelinksi and I shared song writing duties, and we each sang on the songs we had written, later, Joe Ulvi joined us on second guitar, and he then started writing as well.

The line up was:
Jason Walton - Bass/vocals
Adam Jelinski - Guitar/Vocals
Ladd Rutherford - Drums
Joe Ulvi - Guitar

Most of our songs had a bit of humor in them, and many didn't have lyrics at all, just rhythmic growls. Here we have both of our demos, and some live tracks. The photo here is all of us except Joe in an art class. Me, with an Entombed "Clandestine" shirt, Adam with a Ramones shirt, and Ladd with an Entombed "Crawl" shirt.

Download HERE.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Renaldo And The Loaf - Songs For Swinging Larvae

This blog has been out of comission for a while. In July I was out of town for a bit, and when I came home my computer didnt work at all, wouldnt even turn on. After weeks of trying to fix it, I had to buy a new one. Well, all my music was saved on an internal hard drive that was IDE, and my new Comp is SATA. So, at any rate, I finally got it solved, and here I am again.

Renaldo And The Loaf were fairly prolific in the 70's and 80's. They are an English duo who used the intruments and materials at hand to make the music they wanted. The result is a bizarre blend of tape manipulation, screeched vocals, acoustic guitars and lots of zaniness. They signed with The Resident's label, Ralph Records later in their career and ended up collaborating with them as well.

"Songs For Swinging Larvae" was their first album, recorded in 1981 and is a beast. Equal parts hysterical, and creepy, and genius. This stuff is just amazing.

Download HERE and info HERE

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Visceral Evisceration - Incessant Desire For Palatable Flesh

It used to be, back in the day, that melodic metal was not associated with gore lyrics. It still holds true to a degree, but not as much as it did back in the early '90s. When "Incessant Desire For Paltable Flesh" was released in 1994, it threw that notion on it's ear.
This album is a great melodic doom/death record that not a lot of people know about now, and slipped past a lot of people's radars when it was released as well. The band is from Austria and only has the one album.
More info HERE and download HERE.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Adam Long - Lunchfuck Presents: Racist Pedophile

No time for music today, too damn busy. So here's what's what. Download this cartoon from our friend Adam Long. Damn, this one is funny. Just do it.
Also, check out a new mixtape blog that I contribute to called Blog Bodies HERE.
Download one of Adam's hilarious cartoons HERE.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Adam Long - Tuna Town Presents: The War

More insensitive yet hilarious cartoonage from my favorite animator. This time, under his more recent banner of Tuna Town. This cartoon deals with a little boy and his grandpa and brings a smile to my face everytime.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Varathron - Walpurgisnacht

It should be no secret that Greece held a secret key to creating inspiring and unique metal. Bigger bands like Septic Flesh or Rotting Christ held the public's eye, but bands like Varathron also churned out album after album of signature Greek metal.
Sotiris of Spetic Flesh even lended a couple solos for this record, perhaps my favorite from Varathron. This album was released in 1995 and is a must for any fan of melodic Greek metal; like a big slab of Baklava in the face!
Info HERE and download HERE.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Faith No More - Live at Download Festival 06-12-09

Faith No More was the most important band in history to me. When they broke up without me ever having a chance to see them live, I was broken-hearted. Now, over a decade later, they are reformed and touring, and better than ever.
This audio capture of the festival is pro-quality, and captures them full of energy and obviously excited to be performing these songs again. They perform tracks from every album, and a few covers as well. This performance gives me chills.
Download HERE.

Friday, June 26, 2009

John Oswald - Plexure

John Oswald is best known for pioneering and coining the term "plunderphonics." Plunderphonics is the use of pre-exisiting sound works to make your own works or sound collages. Oswald has been practicing Plunderphonics since the '70s, but is also a recognized saxophonist and media artist.
Here we have "Plexure" which was released in 1993, and it is one of my favorite Oswald works. This really has to be heard to understood, as words fail to describe it accurately. Listen close and you will hear everything from Gwar to Edie Brickell on this album.
More info on John Oswald HERE and download HERE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adam Long - Lunchfuck Presents: Spotty Lincoln

Here is another little treat from Adam Long and Lunchfuck called "Spotty Lincoln."
Enjoy and download HERE.

Nuclear Death - Bride Of Insect / Carrion For Worm

Nuclear Death was fairly well known amongst tape traders, and zine readers in the underground in the early 90s, but aside from that, were sorely unrecognized, especially later in their careers. Lori Bravo was the driving force behind Nuclear Death, and her crazed grindcore/death metal stylings are like nothing I've heard since.
Presented here is the 2000 rerelease of "Bride Of Insect" originally released in 1990, and "Carrion For Worm" originally released in 1991. These albums are like a whirlwind of sorts, seemingly uncontrolled, yet obviously refined. Amazing.
Chris Reifert from Autposy even provides some backing vocals. It's a must listen. Info HERE and download HERE.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Designed 2 Fade - "Cheze" Demo 1994

I recently found this in my box of old demos. I had completely forgotten about this cassette. In 1994 I was out of High School for about a year, and living in Bozeman, MT after having lived in Minneapolis, MN since graduating. I stopped by my old friend's apartment in downtown Bozeman, he lived above Miss Kitty's Adult Store, and he was recording this demo in his apartment.
It was mainly my friend Chris Lekan's project, he wrote most of the music, played most the instruments, and had a pretty impressive project studio in his modest apartment, so he recorded everything as well. He ended up asking me to play bass for the recording, and we worked out the lines right there on the spot, and recorded them in a couple hours.
Then we walked down the street and ran into local punk Mark King. Mark was best known for having the first septum piercing in Bozeman, at least that we knew of. He never seemed to have a place to stay, or work, he perpetually couch surfed and wandered the streets. We asked him to sing, and he sang most of the songs without ever hearing them beforehand, and made up the lyrics as he went, save for a few corrections here and there.
I think only a few copies of these existed in the first place, and I don't have a scanner, so I just took a picture of the cassette. Musically, its kind of a nod to the first Mr. Bungle album. Enjoy.
Download HERE.

Algaion - General Enmity

Algaion were one of my favorite bands from Sweden, but also one of the most under-rated and unknown, being almost totally overshadowed by the sweethearts of the Swedish scene; In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, etc. Algaion offered a slightly different edge than the run of the mill Gothenburg sound, offering something a bit more bleak, a bit more dark, and I loved it.
Presented here is their 2nd and last full length album. "General Enmity" was a huge departure for the band, but may be my favorite release of theirs, period. It is like no other record I have heard, but still sounds very Swedish.
The band recently reformed (who hasn't?) and signed with Pulverised Records, and are planning another full length. Although Algaion may be fairly unknown, the members have been in some other well regarded bands such as Octinomos, The Abyss, Morifade, Vergelmer and others. Metal luminaries Peter Tagtren, Frederik Soderlund and Havard Ellefsen, better known as Mortiis, have all been a party to Algaion in one form or another.
Info on the band HERE and download the album HERE.

Adam Long - Lunchfuck Presents: Star Bucks

One more short slab of fun from our friend Adam Long. This time "Star Bucks." Just look at the screen capture, that says it all. Once again, simply download and drag and drop into your favorite browser.
Download HERE.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adam Long - Lunchfuck Presents: Cohen and Dodero

Here is the first of many animated clips I will be posting from my friend Adam Long. This guy is hilarious, and a genius. He is a hilarious genius.
This is a short film he made for a class, that centers around two of his teachers, its not his best work, but its one of my favorites.
You may remember Adam from my post earlier this week "My Mom Is A Stupid Bitch." if you liked that, you'll love these.
Each video will be available for download as an .SWF, which is a Flash file. Best to just play it in your favorite browser. You can just drag and drop into the browser window, and enjoy.
I will be posting more and more of his keep an eye out.
Download HERE.

The Real People - The Joys Of Losing Weight

The Real People was the electronic band headed by Zach Condon when he was at the tender age of 15. Zach, is best known as being the frontman of Beirut, and this early recording showcases the foundation of Beirut in a nice and casual, intimate format.
'The Joys Of Losing Weight" was never released, it has just leaked throughout the internet and because of this, has no proper cover, or tracklisting, or really any information on the project other than what is stated above. The cover that I posted is one I found online.
It is always interesting to see the shakey and sometimes uncomfortable formation of an artists style, and this is no exception. Download HERE.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KUKL - The Eye

Kukl is amazing, even to this day. In 2009 Kukl is probably best known for being the first notable band that Bjork was in, not for being the incredible sonic experiment that they were recognized for in the '80s. Back in the day, this band toured with Crass and Flux Of Pink Indians, and played with Chumbawumba when they were cool. They are my favorite of the "anarcho-punk" movement, perhaps because I am such a sucker for Bjork's voice.
Most of the members went on to form The Sugarcubes, and you can hear a lot of Sugarcubes in the music on "The Eye," and you can certainly hear the foundation for the experimental pop that Bjork performs now.
"The Eye" was influenced by Georges Bataille's book "The Story Of The Eye," which at the time was reported to be Bjork's favorite book. Incidentally, it is one of my favorites as well. This album was released in 1984 on Crass Records.
This is an unforgettable album, that always reminds me how cool Bjork is. This makes me forgive her for the instantly forgettable and perhaps even regrettable album "Volta."
Info on KUKL HERE and on "The Eye" HERE and download HERE.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Human Remains - Using Sickness As A Hero

Human Remains only recorded a handful of releases; a few demos, a couple singles, and two EPs, the second of which is included here. "Using Sickness As A Hero" was like a one off bomb, surprising the listener with it's combination of technical death metal skills and it's grindcore attitude.
This EP was released in 1996 on Relapse Records, and aside from the collection that Relapse issued in 2002, is the only widely available release by this band, and at this point, the EP is very hard to find and long out of print.
Members went on to form Burnt By The Sun and The Skies Denied, and of course drummer Dave Witte is probably the best known member of the band being in Discordance Axis.
Download HERE.

Nuclear Rabbit - Vicuna

Nuclear Rabbit is perhaps the best known unknown band in California. They formed in 1989 and and were very active in the early 90's throughout the alternative and metal scenes in California. Bands such as The Deftones and and Papa Roach opened up for them in the early days of their careers. Nuclear Rabbit is one of those great bands that just never broke into the colective concious of the people farther than having a cult following.
In Junior High and High School, I was totally in love with these guys, and corresponded often with mainman and bass guitar master Jean Baudin. Since then, Jean has been heralded as being one of the leading bass players in the world, wielding 5-8 and 11 string basses. His personal website is HERE and if you look below you will see Jean playing the Super Mario Bros. theme on his 11 string bass.

The music of Nuclear Rabbit is spasstic, irregular, humurous, funky, all performed with a snotty irreverance and musical prowess. They do an excellent cover of Metallica's "One" that I will post at a later date.
"Vicuna" is their first full length album, recorded after making 4 demos, and is comprised of some tracks from the demos. Check out their website HERE and download "Vicuna" HERE.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Adam Long - My Mom Is A Stupid Bitch

Adam Long is hilarious. Everything about him is just, funny. He's one of those guys. I first got in contact with him because he was a fan of ELS and wrote to me, and I ended up falling in love with his animation at his now defunct Lunchfuck website. The animation was crude, insensitive, and bizarre.
Later on he spearheaded the website and offended more people and delved into even more off the wall subjects and humor. I loved every minute of it.
What I have here is a small collection of phone calls that Adam made to his mother. I intended to release them on Audio Savant, but this never happened. So, here they are. The title of this collection was going to be "My Mom Is A Stupid Bitch."
These calls are funny, outrageous, and very awkward. You find yourself shocked, nauseated, and laughing all at the same time. These are brutal, and brutally funny.
Download HERE and prepare to cringe.

Friday, June 12, 2009

In Slaughter Natives - Enter Now The World

In Slaughter Natives are without question my favorite industrial band. Some call them Martial Industrial, some call them Death Industrial... I'm not really sure what to call them, but their command of this style is amazing.
The band formed in 1985 and this is their second full length album, released in 1992 on the Cold Meat Industry label. Their latter albums are a bit more mature, a bit more dynamic, but "Enter Now The World" shows a raw primal energy that is thrilling and compelling, and I felt it was best to start toward the beginning with this band.
Oh yeah, and they are from Sweden. Jouni Havukainen is the man behind this project, and when I say "they" I really mean "he" and it is more or less a one man project. "He" or "they" play live from time to time, but release albums very sporadically.
More information HERE and download HERE.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ephel Duath - The Painter's Palette

Ephel Duath are a weird hybrid beast from Italy. They are strange amalgamation of metal and jazz, and on their earlier releases black metal as well. If you like bands like Cynic, Atheist, Death or that whole death jazz scene from Florida in the early 90's, you very well may like this.
To me "The Painter's Palette" almost sounds like what John Zorn would do to a death metal band if left in a room with them for a day. No doubt about it, Ephel Duath is unique, even for experimental metal, and this is one of my favorites from them.
This album is their third full length album, and it was released in 2003. I never see any press or recognition for this band, and I think they are very enjoyable and succeed in being truly unique. Information HERE and download HERE.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wendess - Demo 2009

Wendess are a real quality atmospheric black metal band from Quebec, Canada. Nothing super original here, but really well done. I would say this demo promises that this band will grow to be even greater.
This demo was recently released by Baleful Benediciton on cassette and was limited to 61 hand numbered copies. Truly this demo deserves a proper widely distributed release. I don't know much more than this about this band, and I cant find much information on them on the internet, so just download and judge for yourself.
Download HERE.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Poops - Plinkity Plunkity Snappity Toot!

The Poops are like nothing you've heard. I released this album on my Audio Savant label in 2005 as I have been a long time fan of The Poops and all of the projects done by my old friend Food Fortunata, perhaps better known as owner of Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records and member of Sockeye and Fossil Fuel.
This album is full of child-like wonder, goofy catchy melodies and themes of innocence. Many of these lyrics remind me of things my 4 year old daughter would say. Open your mind, and download HERE.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Karaboudjan - Sbrodj

Do you miss Pan Thy Monium? Do you wish Dan Swano would get off his lazy ass and do some more experimenting instead of Unicorn? Well, he did, in 2001. Karaboudjan flew under most people's radars, but its like Pan Thy Monium junior, and its damn good.
The one release that Swano made under the name Karaboudjan is included here, entitled "Sbrodj" and the whole damn EP is about the Belgian comic TinTin. Yes, Seriously.
Anyway, this is a really great EP that could have been a Pan Thy Monium release and no one would have blinked. Info HERE and download HERE.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Decoryah - Wisdom Floats

Finland. What is it with Finland? So many amazing bands, so many in fact, that many are overlooked. Such is the case with Decoryah. In 1995 they released "Wisdom Floats," a truly awesome album that transcends what many believed at the time that metal could be. This, along with Amorphis' "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" truly transformed my vision of the perfect metal album.
Words really can't do this album justice. Just listen. Info HERE and download HERE.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Master's Hammer - Šlágry

A farewell from an old friend. Slagry was the 1995 swansong of Czech beast Master's Hammer. Master's Hammer was perhaps the most odd and confounding black metal band in history. Their discography being entirely comprised of masterpieces; epic albums that haunt you and taunt you to comprehend them. These Czechs were true innovators, and one of a kind.
This, their last album, is the strangest of them all. Comprised of a couple covers (even a Chuck Berry cover) the album takes a sharp left turn and confuses the listener even more.
So, stop reading and start listening. Read about the album HERE and download HERE.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peeping Tom - Demos

Here are some rough demos for one of my favorite albums of the last few years, Peeping Tom's self titled debut. Legend has it that on these demos Mike Patton recorded and played all instrumentation himself. It is interesting to hear the difference between these recordings and the finished album.
Perhaps even more interesting are the couple tracks that do not appear on the full length such as "Desperate Situation" that although it doesn't appear on the album, they do play it live. Anyway, this is just a nice glimpse into the process of this amazing album, and perhaps a glimpse into the future of the project as well.
Download HERE.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing - The Grey Subaudible

I consider this the debut album from Nothing.  The first CD was a mere collection of rough 4 track demos re-released to appear like an album, and that collection was less than satisfactory.  Anyway, in 1999 I wrangled my friend Nihk Loiacano into helping me with a TRUE debut album, and this is what we have here, "The Grey Subaudible" released via Eibon Records in 2000.
Nihk and I composed this over a period of time in 1999 and recorded it with Brady Holmberg in Minneapolis, MN.  This was my first real forray into the world of dark electronics, and is the Nothing album I am the most proud of today.
It was released in a really nice glossy digipack with a great fold out booklet with lyrics and design by Mauro Berchi of Eibon Records as well as Canaan and Ras Algethi of course.
The album is almost sold out, and I am sure it will never be repressed, so here it is.  Enjoy!
More information on Nothing HERE and download HERE.  

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pungent Stench - For God Your Soul, For Me Your Flesh

Pungent Stench really only got noterity for their sophomore album, "Been Caught Buttering" and it's filthy grinding mess of death metal, like an Autopsy cover band gone wrong.  However, their first album "For God Your Soul, For Me Your Flesh" is an amazing and unique album as well.  
This band makes me feel dirty, much in the same way that Autopsy does.  The music is crusted with filth, and decay; it's sloppy, somewhat apethetic, but passionate at the same time.  Truly brilliant.
Unfortunately, soon after the medicore success of "Been Caught Buttering," the band got caught up in the pseudo-goth bondage stylings of bands like The Genitorturers and lost all respect, at least in my eyes.  However, their old material is absolutely classic.
Check out info on the band HERE and download the album HERE.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Disharmonic Orchestra - Not To Be Undimensional Concious

I don't want to say much about this band, or this release, so I'll just say this.  The band is from Austria, they are criminally overlooked, and to this day when I hear the name "Disharmonic Orchestra" it brings a smile to my face. 
One more thing, "Not To Be Undimensional Concious" is awesome.  It was released in 1992, and much like Phlegethon, pushed boundaries in metal, and challenged pre-conceived notions.  Download HERE.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jam Handy - Hidden Bone And Hidden Gristle

When I was doing my label, this was by far my best selling release, and one of my personal faves.  Jam Handy are a mysterious duo of guys who make Negativland look pedestrian.  Their brand of plunderphonics and cut up found/junk sound scape is the best I have ever heard.
These two guys took a multitude of garage sale cassettes, and goodwill vinyl, and found sounds anywhere they could find them, and created this masterpiece entitled "Hidden Bone And Hidden Gristle."  It is long sold out now, and was limited to 100 copies, so it is probably impossible to find in any mail order or store.
The thing I really like about this release, is even though it is all over the place, themes keep repeating, and ideas keep re-emerging, just like a pop song.  This album is hysterical and disturbing all at once.  Absolutely brilliant.
Even when I was working with these guys they were very mysterious to me.  I never really knew either of their names, never knew much about them except for one went by the name of Wodnerdog on some Internet forums.  This is a must listen.  So download HERE.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Necropolis - Descent

Attention Agalloch and Sculptured fans.  Don Anderson, guitarist for both bands, had a band in high schoool.  They were thrashy, melodic and probably wore high top sneakers.  Today I have their "Descent" demo, which was recorded at Soundtracks studios with Ronn Chick, as were all Sculptured albums, and most Agalloch albums.  
This is definitely an interesting listen for Sculptured fans especially, as you can hear Don's trademark style shining through, as well as his growls and even a couple Sculptured riffs in their infancy as well as Don's penchant for using samples.  
Also on these recordings are Tom Walling on lead vocals, who also joined Don on the lastest Sculptured record "Embodiment."  So, download this HERE and listen to what Don was doing when he was 14.  Were you this good at 14?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

P.S. The photo above is actually a really old Sculptured photo since I don't have any Necropolis photos.  That's Don in the middle, with Necropolis drummer John Schlegel to his right, all the rest featured in the photo were not in Necropolis.  From the left it is Brian Yaeger (ex-Sculptured), the tall guy is Nick Wusz (ex-VOID, Sculptured) and myself on the far right, and yes we are in an elevator.  

Friday, May 22, 2009

Secret Chiefs 3 - Eyes Of Flesh, Eyes Of Flame

In celebration of seeing one of my favorite bands tonight, Secret Chiefs 3, presented here is their live album recorded at Slim's in San Francisco on August 18th, 1998.  It is a wonderful documentation of an amazing and eclectic band playing skillfully and passionately.
For those living under a rock who don't know who SC3 is, it is the brainchild of former Mr. Bungle guitarist, Trey Spruance, and featues a wide and ever changing cast of musicians.  On This recording you will find: 

Download HERE

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Remember - Promo '96

In 1995 I was living in Minneapolis, MN and didn't know many people.  I wandered into a record store on Nicollet Mall and heard a long haired kid ask for the new Mortiis album.  I approached him and we started talking.  This long hair was Cordell Klier.  Now Cordell is fairly well known as a dark electronics/glitch/experimental artist, as well as performing spoken word, graphic design and running DoctSect Media for years.  
We became good friends and reveled in Kvist, Brighter Death Now, SPK, Ved Buens Ende, and countless noise and black metal bands.  We recorded this promo in 1996 together with one keyboard, one microphone and a 4-track.  It is a strange mix of ambient, black metal, trip hop, and electronica, and to this day I am still proud of this cassette.
In a separate folder you will find an unreleased, untitled and UNFINISHED track that we recorded at famed Gark Studios in Minneapolis, with Dave Pinsky who recorded and produced The Beastie Boys for years.  The G Spot that the Beastie Boys refer to is Gark Studios.  We recorded this in a day to 2" tape, and never finished it due to financial issues.
I don't have a scan of the cover, so here is a generic photo for you to enjoy.
Download HERE.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fossil Fuel - I Hate Music

I first heard Fossil Fuel when doing a tape trade with Ash from Estuary Of Calamity in the early 90's.  He taped me some old Nihilist Demos and he threw on some Fossil Fuel at the end of side A.  Well, it blew me away.  I ignored the Nihilist and fell in love with Fossil Fuel.  it became the soundtrack of my high school years.  I listened to these demos over and over and over, my friends and I quoting them again and again, ad nausem.  
Fossil Fuel is comprised of Poopy, Food Fortunata and the Punk Drum Beat Maker.  You may know the first two guys from acts such as Sockeye, or Kill The Hippies.  Fossil Fuel is my favorite of the grandiose Ohio tardcore scene, and these songs of absolute political incorrectness and and hilarity truly changed my life.
To this day I regard Fossil Fuel as a band that shaped not only my musical taste, but my humor as well, and they will forever be one of my favorite bands.  Included here is a "best of" called "I Hate Music."  It's unbelievable.  Download HERE.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Hawk And A Hacksaw - Darkness At Noon

This has been one of my favorite bands over the last years, and this is perhaps by favorite record of theirs. A Hawk And A Hacksaw is primarily a duo from New Mexico comprised of Jeremy Barnes formerly of Neutral Milk Hotel and Heather Trost. The duo has been joined by various musicians live and in the studio to help round out their performances, but the core of the band is strictly percussion and violin.
One of these contributors is Zach Condon from Beirut, which has helped AHAAH gain some notice in the public eye, as well as th fact as AHAAH members have been part of Beirut's backup band live as well.
This record is from 2005, and is a stunning display of Eastern European traditional music. It is emotive, uplifting and inspiring. People who enjoy bands such as Gogol Bordello, Taraf De Haidouks, Farmers Market or any other Eastern European/Balkan inspired bands are sure to delight in this duo. The last track on the album "Portlandtown," almost brings tears to my eyes as it seems to have been written for me. Superb album. Info HERE and download HERE.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Convulse - Lost Equilibrium

I had this in my queue to post today, and when my good friend Aesop over at Cosmic Hearse blog posted Convulse's 1992 album "World Without God," I was shocked.  He beat me to the Convulse punch.  Anyway, this is a single they released soon after the aforementioned album in 1993.
"Lost Equilibrium" features two tracks that would later be re-recorded for their next album "Reflections" in 1994 and shows a change in style and sound.  Much like many other Finnish bands, they morphed into the Grind Rock sound.
I don't have anything witty to say about this release, so just read about it HERE and download it HERE.  

Friday, May 15, 2009

Asphyx - Crush The Cenotaph EP

Asphyx is one of the best death metal bands ever.  Their debut album "The Rack" is an essential album for any death metal lover to own.  It is hateful, brutal, yet seething with vengeance and torture.  'The Rack" is a tribute to death metal as an art form.
The EP I am featuring here was released the year after "The Rack" in 1992.  It features three new tracks, and two live recordings of songs from "The Rack" recorded in Sweden in 1991.  
For Ashpyx fans, and newcomers, this is an essential EP.  More info on the EP HERE and download HERE.  

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disgrace - Grey Misery

Yet another amazing Finnish band.  Disgrace, along with Xysma, Pakeni and a few others, really championed the Finnish Grind Rock scene, but they all started with Carcass worship, well, all but Disgrace.  Their first album, "Grey Misery" is super great and cool death metal.  Don't believe me?  Download and see...
Later on I will post their latter work which is super cool and great grinding rock n roll, Finnish Style!  Info on the band HERE and download the album HERE.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Waking Life OST

Today we have a guest blogger, Erez Lasman from Israel.  He wanted me to share this soundtrack with'll let him take over.

The wheels of creativity are oiled by the will of the people. The perception of one form of art and its transformation to another is one example. To be precise, a musician sees a film and writes a new song, capturing the visual essence into sounds. The true dreamers of the world set the fringes between-which mainstream culture can exist. 

Listening to the soundtrack of Waking Life outside the body of the film brings forth a different experience to mind. For example, I am reminded by the works of Schoenberg. It is an atonal experience, like being locked in a room of mirrors with only a sheet of acid to share your solitude with. The music itself is mostly atonal classical music, but sometimes the music moves to a more salsa-influenced direction, bringing with it a different set of colors and images. 

The thing I like most about this soundtrack is that it can truly function apart from the film, and instead of being caught with the stillness soundtrack music usually experiences outside the vehicle of the film, it shows a lesson in how different forms of art can help each other to birth new and different creations. In short, visual is sound is taste is touch is smell. 

Download HERE

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Naervaer - Skiftninger

Naervaer is a little known dark folk, experimental strange band from Norway.  Featuring members of In The Woods, Green Carnation, Antarctica and a host of others.  This is their debut and only full length to date which was released in 2001.  
I do not have much to say about this, except that it truly is a must listen.  More info on the band HERE and download the damn thing HERE.