Friday, May 1, 2009

Lil' Markie - Music To Serve The Lord By

This record will give you something to think about over the weekend.  This is by far the most disturbing, grotesque abberration I have ever heard.  My wife won't let me listen to it in front of her, and I dont even want to.  Its sick, vile and horrid.
Lil' Markie is the alter-ego of Mark Fox, some crazy delusional Uber-Christian.  He used to tour around churches and convention centers and sing in a high-pitched soprano voice pretending to be a little kid.  The songs preach Christian values, but in the most fucked up way you can imagine.  "Diary Of An Unborn Child" is a song narrated by a fetus as he is aborted, and "Story Of An Alcholic Father" is the narration ofa child whose life is taken by his alocholic father.  
How this is supposed to preach any values or be healthy in anyway is beyond me.  Visit this LINK for more info and even video.    As far as I know, Lil Markie has 3 Lps out, and I own one, and have Mp3s of the others.  Between the albums, there are a lot of repitition of tracks, so I decided to include here the most complete and cohesive album "Music To Serve The Lord By."
If nothing else, you have to download this just to listen to "Diary Of Unborn Child."  It is wrong.  If you have a faint heart, do not download HERE.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pyogenesis - Ignis Creatio

Pyogenesis used to be one of the best atmospheric death metal bands.  Now they sing about partying and girls.  What the hell?  Anyway, this is their first EP and it's called "Ignis Creatio" but some wankers call it "The Pyogenesis EP," which is silly..they had several EPs and this is not self titled.
Anyway, this is short and sweet, awesome melodic death metal released in 1992.  I'm afraid that if you asked the band today ( yes, they are still around today) that they would dismiss this material as being immature and silly.. but man this stuff is great!  Check it out!  
Info on the band HERE, official site HERE, and download the EP HERE.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plan E - E For Your Ears / E For Your Eyes

Plan E is the project of Jani Lehtosaari who may be best known as being the bassist for Impaled Nazarene from 1996-2000.  Plan E is nothing like Impaled Nazarene however.  It is bass guitar driven, distorted bass guitar that is, and features electronics, clean vocals and is highly influenced by Joy Division.  The aforementioned label, Solardisk was run by Jani as well, and had a select few hardcore and experimental bands on the roster such as Terveet Kadet and Driller Killer and a few others.  
Plan E released these two 3" CDs in a very limited number in 1996.  After this they released two full length albums "Songs For A Rainy Day" and 'Lost And Found" as well as a split EP with a shoe-gaze band I used to be in called Climb To Zalem, and a few vinyl releases and compilations.
This band has to be one of the most unknown, and yet best bands to come from Finland.  A simple Google search yields barely any results for the band at all, yet they are incredibly powerful, and incredibly innovative.  I think it must be noted that there is no guitar on these recordings at all, just vocals, bass, drums and electronics/keyboards.  
Find their official website HERE.  Later I will be posting more from this band, including the albums, which showcase a more refined and developed soung than these initial offerings.  
Download HERE.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beherit - Drawing Down The Moon

Beherit has always been one of my favorite Black Metal bands.  They have never been average, typical or predictable and my favorite album of theirs, 1993's "Drawing Down The Moon" perhaps demonstrates their ingenuity best.  When this album was released it creeped out black metal fans, and was laregely misunderstood by their own fan base, as well as the metal community in general.  To this day you will not hear an album that sounds like this.  This is a one of kind.
"Drawing Down The Moon" achieves what many black metal bands fail to achieve, a genuiely creepy and dark atmosphere that is wholly original.   You must listen to this to understand.  Beherit just released a new full length "Engram" that shows once again that Beherit are kings.  
More info on Beherit HERE and download the album HERE.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hybernoid - The Last Day Begins?

Back in the late 80's and early 90's, I met a lot of people and bands through tape trading, and Andy Bennett guitarist for English Metal band Hybernoid was one of the first.  Here is their first full length album released in 1994.  It is a strange and wonderful blend of clean tone guitars and distorted rythmn guitars, yet before this was standard fare for atmospheric metal bands.
None of the members ever went on to do anything else as far as I am aware, and the band split up in 1998 after releasing two more full lengths that went largely unnoticed.  I decided to post this here because I've never known anyone to know these guys, and I really think 'The Last Day Begins?" was ahead of its time, and really well done.
More info HERE and download entire album HERE.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Comecon - Converging Conspiracies

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of Martin Van Drunen, one of the best death metal vocalists ever.  I had the pleasure of performing with his latest band, Hail Of Bullets in Austria last month, and it reminded me of one of his little known secrets; Comecon.
Comecon isn't his band by any means, each Comecon album has a guest vocalist, so this is the only album with Martin singing, but what a strange and powerful album it is.  The album before 'Converging Conspiracies" was called "Megatrends In Brutality" and featured Entombed vocalist LG Petrov.  Comecon definitly knew how to pick their vocalists.
This album was released in 1993, and really just flew under the radar.  Not many people know about Comecon at all, but I think this album in particular needs more attention.  Go HERE for more information about the other albums and line-ups.  I see this album on Amazon a lot of about 5 USD, so pick it up after you download it.  Classic early 90's death metal.

Download HERE