Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beherit - Drawing Down The Moon

Beherit has always been one of my favorite Black Metal bands.  They have never been average, typical or predictable and my favorite album of theirs, 1993's "Drawing Down The Moon" perhaps demonstrates their ingenuity best.  When this album was released it creeped out black metal fans, and was laregely misunderstood by their own fan base, as well as the metal community in general.  To this day you will not hear an album that sounds like this.  This is a one of kind.
"Drawing Down The Moon" achieves what many black metal bands fail to achieve, a genuiely creepy and dark atmosphere that is wholly original.   You must listen to this to understand.  Beherit just released a new full length "Engram" that shows once again that Beherit are kings.  
More info on Beherit HERE and download the album HERE.

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