Friday, April 24, 2009

Faith No More - The Rarities

In celebration of the reformation of my favorite band, EVER, and as a somewhat subtle plea for them to perform at least 10-15 shows close to me so I can see the band I had resigned myself to never being able to see, I present some B sides and rarities of the best rock n roll band to ever grace the earth.  Yes, I mean that.
Here you will find songs ranging from almost the beginning of FNM's career up until the end, however it is all Patton centric, little Mosley here.  Highlights include a studio version of "As The Worms Turns" with Patton on vocals.  Yes, thats right, you heard me right....  Also find "New Improved Song" which was an alternate version of "Underwater Love" before 'The Real Thing" was recorded -- this one has Mosley on vocals.  You'll find covers on here and collabs with Booya Tribe, Serge Gainsbourg,  Sepultura, The Melvins, Sparks, and others.  
Some of the B sides that most FNM fans haven't heard are just as good, if not better than album tracks, such as "Absoulte Zero" and "Greenfields."  Amazing stuff... there is even a GG Allin cover!  What else could you want.  Don't be stupid, download this as a Friday night bonus and bear the torch of FNM with me!  Now, listen to "As The Worms Turns" and tell me that FNM weren't the most forward thinking, innovative and genius band ever!  Ok, end rant..  I just fucking love these guys, and the thought of seeing them finally is too much for me to bear, and the thought of them reforming and me missing out is too much to bear as well.
Download HERE.

P.S. The cover of "Spanish Eyes" on here was the song my wife and I danced to at our weddding.  This is SERIOUS SHIT HERE!

Pakeni - Celestial Mechanics

Another one of my favorites from Finland.  Pakeni (pronounced Pack-Annie) like so many Finnish Grind Rock bands started out as a Carcass worship style band, and changed drastically to match their fellow countrymen in Xysma and Disgrace.  Pakeni released an EP in 1996 entitled "Detergent Bubble Bath" that had me hooked.  In 1999 Pakeni released their only full length, "Celestial Mechanics" on Napalm Records.
When this album was first released, I ordered it from Napalm, and then a week later they went out of business.  I never got my order.  Thankfully I had known Pakeni singer Q-pias for some years and made him send me one.  Im so glad he did.  I could listen to Finnish Grind Rock for days on end.  I love this style, and Pakeni are one of my favorites.  
Singer Q-pias was also in long running Finnish master-minds Disgrace, and Audio Savant Music Blog will be featuring some of their recordings as well.  Enjoy!
I recently saw one of these CDs on Ebay for 60.00 USD...
  So why not just download HERE.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ha Lela - Pabudimas

Ha Lela was formed in 1993 in Lithuania and and after two demos and a split live cassette recording, they released their only album, "Pabudimas" in 1998.    It is an excercise in strange and exotic black metal that delves into harsh textures juxtaposed with calm moods.  This album is truly unique and all over the map.
The only notable band that was affilliated with Ha Lela is Poccolus, if you can call them notable.  Not much more to say about this great album.  Check out more info here.
Download the entire album HERE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paraxism - Selected Works

Paraxism was formed in 1990 and split-up shortly after their fifth release in 1998.  There are tons of quality bands from Finland, and I am a huge fan of the usuals such as Amorphis, Impaled Nazarene, Xysma and the like... but Paraxism may very well be my favorite band from Finland.  These guys are criminally unknown.  They released a 3" CD EP and four demos, and that is it.  They never did a proper full length, or were even recognized in the community for the amazing band they were.
I've always wanted to release their catalogue on a proper CD, and years ago contacted the band about it, but they declined, showing no interest in ressurecting these recordings.  So, I am doing it now.
Today we have "Selected Works" which may be my favorite recording of theirs.  It was their third demo and it was recorded in 1995.  It was released on cassette and I transfered it to CDr years ago, so the sound quality isn't great, but don't let that stop you from discovering this amazing band.  
Go here for their Encyclopaedia Metallum entry.  In future posts I will be posting most if not all of their incredible discography.

Download the demo here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Such A Good Quarterback.

Genius Hired Guns was a one-off project by a few members of one of my all time favorite bands, Thought Industry.  The album is called 'Dutch Mafia" and is insanely hard to find.  I found it by chance at a small record store in Vancouver, Wa about 12 years ago.  It is so damn good.  Doesn't differ a lot from Thought Industry standard fare, seeing as Brent Oberlin spearheaded this project as well, but it is well worth a listen.  
The album was recorded in 1993 prior to Thought Industry's 'mOds carve the pig" album, but wasn't releases until years later on the Swollen Lip Record label.  I guess one could treat this as the "lost" Thought Industry album.  Enjoy.

Download the entire album HERE.