Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Renaldo And The Loaf - Songs For Swinging Larvae

This blog has been out of comission for a while. In July I was out of town for a bit, and when I came home my computer didnt work at all, wouldnt even turn on. After weeks of trying to fix it, I had to buy a new one. Well, all my music was saved on an internal hard drive that was IDE, and my new Comp is SATA. So, at any rate, I finally got it solved, and here I am again.

Renaldo And The Loaf were fairly prolific in the 70's and 80's. They are an English duo who used the intruments and materials at hand to make the music they wanted. The result is a bizarre blend of tape manipulation, screeched vocals, acoustic guitars and lots of zaniness. They signed with The Resident's label, Ralph Records later in their career and ended up collaborating with them as well.

"Songs For Swinging Larvae" was their first album, recorded in 1981 and is a beast. Equal parts hysterical, and creepy, and genius. This stuff is just amazing.

Download HERE and info HERE