Friday, November 6, 2009

Susurrus Inanis - The Shadowless Shining Demo 1997

This is another old demo of mine. The band was formed by myself and Daniel Breyer in 1997. This was right before and somewhat concurrent with the formation of Agalloch as well. We released this one demo in 1997, limited to 200 copies if I remember correctly, and then got signed to Cold Spring Records out of England. It was my first record contract and we were all very excited.

After that, Daniel's life in academics took precedence over music, and Sculptured, Nothing and Agalloch took precedence over Susurrus Inanis for me, and the project collapsed with only the one demo to our name.

Many Agalloch fans fell in love with Breyer's work on "Pale Folklore" and "Of Stone Wind, and Pillor" and have wanted to hear this demo. Few mp3s have surfaced, and no downloads of the entire demo have surfaced as far as I am aware. For those who loved Breyer's work in Agalloch, this demo will be a welcome treat as it further continues and refines that style. Yes, I am on the demo too, but my portions are amateur at best. A lack of ability and equipment at the time made my contributions more of a hindrance than anything.

Enjoy this rare look into the past of Agalloch.

Download HERE