Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tulip Sweet And Her Trail Of Tears - Touched!

Tulip Sweet and her Trails Of Tears was an odd anomaly in Minneapolis. I accidentally saw this band at The Uptown in Minneapolis in the mate '90s sometime, and I was somewhat flabbergasted. The band came off like a quirky and slightly drunk cabaret performance, complete with singing saw and various odd instrumentation, and the front woman, Tulip Sweet, stole the show. She sang and strutted around the stage like she was a lunatic, a stripper, and your best friend. Her voice achieving a scream as easily as a croon.

I saw her and her band multiple times in Minneapolis in the years I lived there, and these are the only recordings I ever owned, or heard by her. To me, this band was an oasis of originality and life in a music scene I found stale and weak. Their performances made the band seem larger than life, and Tulip owned the stage every night in a way I have rarely seen.

As far as I know they remained a local band for the most part, and did not receive much recognition in our outside of Minneapolis, and as far as I can tell, they are long gone, with little information on the web about them all. This is by far one of my favorite little known gems.

Tulip Sweet website HERE

Download "Touched!" HERE

and check out this funny music video for 'Rising Action!' from the album "Touched!"