Friday, May 7, 2010

Schloss Tegal - Black Static Transmission

This is one of my absolute favorite experimental/electronic/ambient noise whatever you want to call it albums. When this was released in 1999, I used to take my lunch breaks at work, lay down on a couch in the break room with my headphones on, close my eyes and be terrified.

This, along with projects like Contagious Orgasm, are the ones I refer to when people claim noise or experimental electronics has no organization, and has no craft involved. When done right, music like this is more difficult to compose well than any metal band. There is no framework, no structure, no blue print to guide you.

If you are a fan of industrial/noise/ambient, and you do not have this, do yourself a favor. If you never cared for the aforementioned genres, do yourself a favor and try this album. It may change your mind.

More info HERE and download HERE

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forced Entry - As Above, So Below

I am not the biggest thrash metal fan. Sure, I like most of the classics, but for me, Thrash Metal was merely a stepping stone to Death Metal. But Forced Entry's 1991 album "As Above, So Below" is a groundbreaking and mostly unrecognized classic with thrash.

This has the usual humor and good time feelings that is inherent in most thrash, but it is also wholly unique in the fact that it sounds like no other band. This band was fairly short lived, had only two full length albums, this one being their last. Check this out if you are not familiar, it is undoubtedly worth it.

More info HERE and download HERE

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Godkiller - The Rebirth Of The Middle Ages

In 1996, this EP absolutely blew me away. Burzum or early In The Woods style screams with the blatantly synthesized horns of Norwegian bands like early Enslaved mixed with the melody of mid '90s Dimmu Borgir, and yet more raw than was the style at the time. At this time, Symphonic Black Metal was the flavor of the month, and albums became more and more slick and polished. This EP came out of nowhere and made a small, yet indelible mark.

After this EP the band released two strong albums, and hasn't been heard from since. It is easy to forget this band is a one-man band, as it does not sound like it in the least. Also surprising is the fact Godkiller is from Monaco. Not exactly the first place you think of when it comes to awesome black metal.

This is really a must have. A blazing gem from a time when metal was really exciting, and unfortunately, this one was passed over by many.

More info HERE and download HERE