Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forced Entry - As Above, So Below

I am not the biggest thrash metal fan. Sure, I like most of the classics, but for me, Thrash Metal was merely a stepping stone to Death Metal. But Forced Entry's 1991 album "As Above, So Below" is a groundbreaking and mostly unrecognized classic with thrash.

This has the usual humor and good time feelings that is inherent in most thrash, but it is also wholly unique in the fact that it sounds like no other band. This band was fairly short lived, had only two full length albums, this one being their last. Check this out if you are not familiar, it is undoubtedly worth it.

More info HERE and download HERE


  1. WoW!!! Thanks man! This takes me back to highschool. I think I still have a VHS recording of the Headbangers Ball where Nico from Iron Maiden was hosting with Ricky and they played the video Never a Know, but the No. Great song by the way, the guitarists got to sing it. And fuckin' a right underrated these guys were pretty special compared to their peers at the time. Thanks again, cheers from Portland OR.

  2. Damn, file deleted.