Friday, April 23, 2010

Cultus Sanguine - Cultus Sanguine EP

I got such a positive response from my Ras Algethi and Monumentum posts, that I thought I would throw out another heavy hitter, my personal fave next to Ras Algethi, Cultus Sanguine.

Momumentum leader, Roberto Mammarella goes by the name Aqua Regis in Cultus Sanguine, and with his involvement, you pretty much know what to expect from this Italian group; lush atmospheres, heavy heavy dread and oppressing sadness.

The band released only two full length albums, all of which are decent, but my favorite is this EP from 1995 released before any of their full length efforts.

More info HERE and download HERE

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Soundgarden - Screaming Life/Fopp

I was talking to a friend today and the subject of Soundgarden came up and I mentioned these two EPs "Screaming Life" and "Fopp" and he had heard neither. So, I thought this post was necessary.

People who recognize how great this band are, are usually stuck in the "Superunknown" or "Badmotorfinger" crap, which is ok, but that stuff is fairly useless. Moments here and there, but overall a snooze fest. The REAL Soundgarden exists only on "Louder Than Love" and earlier. These two EPs are from '87 and '88 respectively, and this compilation of both EPs on CD came out in 1990.

Think Soundgarden aren't cool, are posers? Perhaps too weak, too poppy, too commercial? Listen to this, you can hear the influence of Melvins, Minor Threat as well as some serious doom moments and Chris Cornell can scream like no one else. So get a brain and check this out.

More Info HERE and download HERE