Thursday, May 20, 2010

Covenant - In Times Before the Light

Covenant used to be good. No really, they did. Before they changed their name to The Kovenant and went all electro on us, they released "In Times Before The Light," their debut album. This was in 1996 and at the time Nagash's more known project Dimmu Borgir was still relevant, and black metal from Norway was still more good than bad. This album featured just two members, Nagash of Dimmu Borgir, and another dude from Troll.

After this album they got some more members, like some guy named Hellhammer, some chick named Sarah Jezebel Deva, and some piano tinkler named Sverd, and made a supergroup of sorts and released "Nexus Polaris." I will admit that I liked that album quite a bit, but it has never been the same since this first album.

Of course after their sophomore record, they changed their name, went electro goth, and started to be completely horrible. Then, they did the unthinkable and and remixed and re-recorded "In Times Before The Light" to match their new style. Utterly gross and unnecessary. Why sully your previous work? ugh...

Anyway, here is their debut album, a lost gem.

More info HERE and download HERE