Friday, June 19, 2009

Designed 2 Fade - "Cheze" Demo 1994

I recently found this in my box of old demos. I had completely forgotten about this cassette. In 1994 I was out of High School for about a year, and living in Bozeman, MT after having lived in Minneapolis, MN since graduating. I stopped by my old friend's apartment in downtown Bozeman, he lived above Miss Kitty's Adult Store, and he was recording this demo in his apartment.
It was mainly my friend Chris Lekan's project, he wrote most of the music, played most the instruments, and had a pretty impressive project studio in his modest apartment, so he recorded everything as well. He ended up asking me to play bass for the recording, and we worked out the lines right there on the spot, and recorded them in a couple hours.
Then we walked down the street and ran into local punk Mark King. Mark was best known for having the first septum piercing in Bozeman, at least that we knew of. He never seemed to have a place to stay, or work, he perpetually couch surfed and wandered the streets. We asked him to sing, and he sang most of the songs without ever hearing them beforehand, and made up the lyrics as he went, save for a few corrections here and there.
I think only a few copies of these existed in the first place, and I don't have a scanner, so I just took a picture of the cassette. Musically, its kind of a nod to the first Mr. Bungle album. Enjoy.
Download HERE.

Algaion - General Enmity

Algaion were one of my favorite bands from Sweden, but also one of the most under-rated and unknown, being almost totally overshadowed by the sweethearts of the Swedish scene; In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, etc. Algaion offered a slightly different edge than the run of the mill Gothenburg sound, offering something a bit more bleak, a bit more dark, and I loved it.
Presented here is their 2nd and last full length album. "General Enmity" was a huge departure for the band, but may be my favorite release of theirs, period. It is like no other record I have heard, but still sounds very Swedish.
The band recently reformed (who hasn't?) and signed with Pulverised Records, and are planning another full length. Although Algaion may be fairly unknown, the members have been in some other well regarded bands such as Octinomos, The Abyss, Morifade, Vergelmer and others. Metal luminaries Peter Tagtren, Frederik Soderlund and Havard Ellefsen, better known as Mortiis, have all been a party to Algaion in one form or another.
Info on the band HERE and download the album HERE.

Adam Long - Lunchfuck Presents: Star Bucks

One more short slab of fun from our friend Adam Long. This time "Star Bucks." Just look at the screen capture, that says it all. Once again, simply download and drag and drop into your favorite browser.
Download HERE.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adam Long - Lunchfuck Presents: Cohen and Dodero

Here is the first of many animated clips I will be posting from my friend Adam Long. This guy is hilarious, and a genius. He is a hilarious genius.
This is a short film he made for a class, that centers around two of his teachers, its not his best work, but its one of my favorites.
You may remember Adam from my post earlier this week "My Mom Is A Stupid Bitch." if you liked that, you'll love these.
Each video will be available for download as an .SWF, which is a Flash file. Best to just play it in your favorite browser. You can just drag and drop into the browser window, and enjoy.
I will be posting more and more of his keep an eye out.
Download HERE.

The Real People - The Joys Of Losing Weight

The Real People was the electronic band headed by Zach Condon when he was at the tender age of 15. Zach, is best known as being the frontman of Beirut, and this early recording showcases the foundation of Beirut in a nice and casual, intimate format.
'The Joys Of Losing Weight" was never released, it has just leaked throughout the internet and because of this, has no proper cover, or tracklisting, or really any information on the project other than what is stated above. The cover that I posted is one I found online.
It is always interesting to see the shakey and sometimes uncomfortable formation of an artists style, and this is no exception. Download HERE.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KUKL - The Eye

Kukl is amazing, even to this day. In 2009 Kukl is probably best known for being the first notable band that Bjork was in, not for being the incredible sonic experiment that they were recognized for in the '80s. Back in the day, this band toured with Crass and Flux Of Pink Indians, and played with Chumbawumba when they were cool. They are my favorite of the "anarcho-punk" movement, perhaps because I am such a sucker for Bjork's voice.
Most of the members went on to form The Sugarcubes, and you can hear a lot of Sugarcubes in the music on "The Eye," and you can certainly hear the foundation for the experimental pop that Bjork performs now.
"The Eye" was influenced by Georges Bataille's book "The Story Of The Eye," which at the time was reported to be Bjork's favorite book. Incidentally, it is one of my favorites as well. This album was released in 1984 on Crass Records.
This is an unforgettable album, that always reminds me how cool Bjork is. This makes me forgive her for the instantly forgettable and perhaps even regrettable album "Volta."
Info on KUKL HERE and on "The Eye" HERE and download HERE.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Human Remains - Using Sickness As A Hero

Human Remains only recorded a handful of releases; a few demos, a couple singles, and two EPs, the second of which is included here. "Using Sickness As A Hero" was like a one off bomb, surprising the listener with it's combination of technical death metal skills and it's grindcore attitude.
This EP was released in 1996 on Relapse Records, and aside from the collection that Relapse issued in 2002, is the only widely available release by this band, and at this point, the EP is very hard to find and long out of print.
Members went on to form Burnt By The Sun and The Skies Denied, and of course drummer Dave Witte is probably the best known member of the band being in Discordance Axis.
Download HERE.

Nuclear Rabbit - Vicuna

Nuclear Rabbit is perhaps the best known unknown band in California. They formed in 1989 and and were very active in the early 90's throughout the alternative and metal scenes in California. Bands such as The Deftones and and Papa Roach opened up for them in the early days of their careers. Nuclear Rabbit is one of those great bands that just never broke into the colective concious of the people farther than having a cult following.
In Junior High and High School, I was totally in love with these guys, and corresponded often with mainman and bass guitar master Jean Baudin. Since then, Jean has been heralded as being one of the leading bass players in the world, wielding 5-8 and 11 string basses. His personal website is HERE and if you look below you will see Jean playing the Super Mario Bros. theme on his 11 string bass.

The music of Nuclear Rabbit is spasstic, irregular, humurous, funky, all performed with a snotty irreverance and musical prowess. They do an excellent cover of Metallica's "One" that I will post at a later date.
"Vicuna" is their first full length album, recorded after making 4 demos, and is comprised of some tracks from the demos. Check out their website HERE and download "Vicuna" HERE.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Adam Long - My Mom Is A Stupid Bitch

Adam Long is hilarious. Everything about him is just, funny. He's one of those guys. I first got in contact with him because he was a fan of ELS and wrote to me, and I ended up falling in love with his animation at his now defunct Lunchfuck website. The animation was crude, insensitive, and bizarre.
Later on he spearheaded the website and offended more people and delved into even more off the wall subjects and humor. I loved every minute of it.
What I have here is a small collection of phone calls that Adam made to his mother. I intended to release them on Audio Savant, but this never happened. So, here they are. The title of this collection was going to be "My Mom Is A Stupid Bitch."
These calls are funny, outrageous, and very awkward. You find yourself shocked, nauseated, and laughing all at the same time. These are brutal, and brutally funny.
Download HERE and prepare to cringe.