Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nuclear Rabbit - Vicuna

Nuclear Rabbit is perhaps the best known unknown band in California. They formed in 1989 and and were very active in the early 90's throughout the alternative and metal scenes in California. Bands such as The Deftones and and Papa Roach opened up for them in the early days of their careers. Nuclear Rabbit is one of those great bands that just never broke into the colective concious of the people farther than having a cult following.
In Junior High and High School, I was totally in love with these guys, and corresponded often with mainman and bass guitar master Jean Baudin. Since then, Jean has been heralded as being one of the leading bass players in the world, wielding 5-8 and 11 string basses. His personal website is HERE and if you look below you will see Jean playing the Super Mario Bros. theme on his 11 string bass.

The music of Nuclear Rabbit is spasstic, irregular, humurous, funky, all performed with a snotty irreverance and musical prowess. They do an excellent cover of Metallica's "One" that I will post at a later date.
"Vicuna" is their first full length album, recorded after making 4 demos, and is comprised of some tracks from the demos. Check out their website HERE and download "Vicuna" HERE.


  1. They sound cool, I never knew about them,but I'm going to look for more tracks, they really have an interesting sound.