Friday, June 19, 2009

Designed 2 Fade - "Cheze" Demo 1994

I recently found this in my box of old demos. I had completely forgotten about this cassette. In 1994 I was out of High School for about a year, and living in Bozeman, MT after having lived in Minneapolis, MN since graduating. I stopped by my old friend's apartment in downtown Bozeman, he lived above Miss Kitty's Adult Store, and he was recording this demo in his apartment.
It was mainly my friend Chris Lekan's project, he wrote most of the music, played most the instruments, and had a pretty impressive project studio in his modest apartment, so he recorded everything as well. He ended up asking me to play bass for the recording, and we worked out the lines right there on the spot, and recorded them in a couple hours.
Then we walked down the street and ran into local punk Mark King. Mark was best known for having the first septum piercing in Bozeman, at least that we knew of. He never seemed to have a place to stay, or work, he perpetually couch surfed and wandered the streets. We asked him to sing, and he sang most of the songs without ever hearing them beforehand, and made up the lyrics as he went, save for a few corrections here and there.
I think only a few copies of these existed in the first place, and I don't have a scanner, so I just took a picture of the cassette. Musically, its kind of a nod to the first Mr. Bungle album. Enjoy.
Download HERE.

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