Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nuclear Death - Bride Of Insect / Carrion For Worm

Nuclear Death was fairly well known amongst tape traders, and zine readers in the underground in the early 90s, but aside from that, were sorely unrecognized, especially later in their careers. Lori Bravo was the driving force behind Nuclear Death, and her crazed grindcore/death metal stylings are like nothing I've heard since.
Presented here is the 2000 rerelease of "Bride Of Insect" originally released in 1990, and "Carrion For Worm" originally released in 1991. These albums are like a whirlwind of sorts, seemingly uncontrolled, yet obviously refined. Amazing.
Chris Reifert from Autposy even provides some backing vocals. It's a must listen. Info HERE and download HERE.


  1. It is a fine album, its been a while since the last time I heard them, a lot of memories of a time where I was doing a lot of partying.


  2. Good album, but you know what what I like is the cover album i's something terrific I like the sarcasm implicit in it.

  3. i have this album in vinyl. wild rags records. r.i.p. rip off label.thank you