Thursday, December 31, 2009

Warrior Soul - Last Decade Dead Century

In Junior High, I was obsessed with this album. It reflected my urge to roam, my new found taste for rebellion, and my raging hormones. A friend of mine named Mark who lived in some kind of half-way house for bad teens told me about this album. He told me it was really hard to find, and one of his favorite records. Later, when I found it on cassette, I thought I had struck gold. I loved it intensely. Sure, it is a Rock N Roll album, not much more, but its beautiful, evocative and always fills me with hope and reminds me of those days in Junior High.

I love this album even today, although I have to admit that much of it's appeal most likely lies in nostalgia, but I do think it is a strong album. None of the other records this band released since did a thing for me. Just this one.

Check it out if you haven't, one of my favorite records ever, and oh yeah, by the way, Warrior Soul's singer is Kory Clarke, who now sings for Trouble as well.

Info on the band HERE and download HERE

Here is their one semi-big hit, you may remember this video from such MTV programs as Headbanger's Ball. "We Cry Out" from the album "Last Decade Dead Century."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Skeletal Earth - Eulogy For A Dying Fetus

I was a huge Skeletal Earth fan back in the day. I traded tapes and letters with vocalist Travis Ogletree for years, so in 1991 when their first full length album came out entitled "Eulogy For A Dying Fetus," I was more than excited for it. It shares much with Napalm Death, but also injects some Pungent Stench style humor with catchy melodies and interesting hooks.

Skeletal Earth were the biggest and best of the TN/AL grind/death scene going on at the time that also included bands like Necrospasm, Cannibal Holiday, Mule Skinner, and one of my favorite unknown doom bands, Crematorial Death. The band split up in 1993 around the time I got a letter from Travis stating he had found God and was splitting the band up and selling all his metal.

"Eulogy For A Dying Fetus" proved to be just a stepping stone to much greater music later; my favorite being their 1993 cassette EP "Dreighphuck."

More information HERE and download HERE

See the band live in 1989