Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Human Remains - Using Sickness As A Hero

Human Remains only recorded a handful of releases; a few demos, a couple singles, and two EPs, the second of which is included here. "Using Sickness As A Hero" was like a one off bomb, surprising the listener with it's combination of technical death metal skills and it's grindcore attitude.
This EP was released in 1996 on Relapse Records, and aside from the collection that Relapse issued in 2002, is the only widely available release by this band, and at this point, the EP is very hard to find and long out of print.
Members went on to form Burnt By The Sun and The Skies Denied, and of course drummer Dave Witte is probably the best known member of the band being in Discordance Axis.
Download HERE.


  1. That cover looks awesome but its too blurry to see. Can you post it in higher res?

  2. no jerkwad. google it maybe, its the biggest i could find online, and i dont have a scanner to scan in my copy.

  3. Well then go fucking tour europe again, and go buy a scanner and SCAN THAT SHIT UP! :)