Friday, April 23, 2010

Cultus Sanguine - Cultus Sanguine EP

I got such a positive response from my Ras Algethi and Monumentum posts, that I thought I would throw out another heavy hitter, my personal fave next to Ras Algethi, Cultus Sanguine.

Momumentum leader, Roberto Mammarella goes by the name Aqua Regis in Cultus Sanguine, and with his involvement, you pretty much know what to expect from this Italian group; lush atmospheres, heavy heavy dread and oppressing sadness.

The band released only two full length albums, all of which are decent, but my favorite is this EP from 1995 released before any of their full length efforts.

More info HERE and download HERE


  1. I absolutely adore Cultus Sanguine. They've been one of my favorite bands for the past nine years and I'm quite sure I'll be listening to them for many more years to come. Personally I like everything they released, but the second album always felt perfect to me. All in all though a perfect band that really deserves to have their stuff re-released someday so more people can experience their unique sound.

  2. Nothing in this world will ever surpass the beauty of In Absentia Christi

  3. man I like the first picture in the head of the page, but well back to the post, the band sound really good, is a real shame that this kind of music is almost not listened in the radio stations.