Friday, April 24, 2009

Pakeni - Celestial Mechanics

Another one of my favorites from Finland.  Pakeni (pronounced Pack-Annie) like so many Finnish Grind Rock bands started out as a Carcass worship style band, and changed drastically to match their fellow countrymen in Xysma and Disgrace.  Pakeni released an EP in 1996 entitled "Detergent Bubble Bath" that had me hooked.  In 1999 Pakeni released their only full length, "Celestial Mechanics" on Napalm Records.
When this album was first released, I ordered it from Napalm, and then a week later they went out of business.  I never got my order.  Thankfully I had known Pakeni singer Q-pias for some years and made him send me one.  Im so glad he did.  I could listen to Finnish Grind Rock for days on end.  I love this style, and Pakeni are one of my favorites.  
Singer Q-pias was also in long running Finnish master-minds Disgrace, and Audio Savant Music Blog will be featuring some of their recordings as well.  Enjoy!
I recently saw one of these CDs on Ebay for 60.00 USD...
  So why not just download HERE.

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  1. found this on youtube... great band. thanks!