Friday, April 24, 2009

Faith No More - The Rarities

In celebration of the reformation of my favorite band, EVER, and as a somewhat subtle plea for them to perform at least 10-15 shows close to me so I can see the band I had resigned myself to never being able to see, I present some B sides and rarities of the best rock n roll band to ever grace the earth.  Yes, I mean that.
Here you will find songs ranging from almost the beginning of FNM's career up until the end, however it is all Patton centric, little Mosley here.  Highlights include a studio version of "As The Worms Turns" with Patton on vocals.  Yes, thats right, you heard me right....  Also find "New Improved Song" which was an alternate version of "Underwater Love" before 'The Real Thing" was recorded -- this one has Mosley on vocals.  You'll find covers on here and collabs with Booya Tribe, Serge Gainsbourg,  Sepultura, The Melvins, Sparks, and others.  
Some of the B sides that most FNM fans haven't heard are just as good, if not better than album tracks, such as "Absoulte Zero" and "Greenfields."  Amazing stuff... there is even a GG Allin cover!  What else could you want.  Don't be stupid, download this as a Friday night bonus and bear the torch of FNM with me!  Now, listen to "As The Worms Turns" and tell me that FNM weren't the most forward thinking, innovative and genius band ever!  Ok, end rant..  I just fucking love these guys, and the thought of seeing them finally is too much for me to bear, and the thought of them reforming and me missing out is too much to bear as well.
Download HERE.

P.S. The cover of "Spanish Eyes" on here was the song my wife and I danced to at our weddding.  This is SERIOUS SHIT HERE!


  1. Wow, I know this comment is coming way late, but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been looking for a safe way to download these songs.

    I just thought I'd let you know that New and Improved Song is actually an early version of "The Morning After" not "Underwater Love".

    Quick anecdote...I had spent hours searching for these songs on various torrent sites. After a lot of work, I got them all. My efforts were rewarded with a big steaming pile of computer virus.

    Thanks for providing these songs to us hungry fans!

  2. Quality knowledge! I have been searching for something like that for quite a while finally. Thank you!

  3. Hi Man!

    First of all Great Blog, especially Mike Patton part :)
    I know i am about 4 years late to download this piece of history, but i will be more then happy if you could re-upload / share valid link for these un-heard tunes...

    if you are able (if you even see this), please tell me if they can be downloaded once again...

    I have downloaded the Demo version for "Peeping Tom", i have noticed you have only 5 tracks over there...
    im not sure if i got more from the demo or just mis-placed some online tracks, but i have 12 tracks CD of demo's (which was the first reason i stumble upon your blog, i tried to figured out thier full data and if they are really all from the Demo tape).

    Well, hope to hear from you soon!