Sunday, April 26, 2009

Comecon - Converging Conspiracies

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of Martin Van Drunen, one of the best death metal vocalists ever.  I had the pleasure of performing with his latest band, Hail Of Bullets in Austria last month, and it reminded me of one of his little known secrets; Comecon.
Comecon isn't his band by any means, each Comecon album has a guest vocalist, so this is the only album with Martin singing, but what a strange and powerful album it is.  The album before 'Converging Conspiracies" was called "Megatrends In Brutality" and featured Entombed vocalist LG Petrov.  Comecon definitly knew how to pick their vocalists.
This album was released in 1993, and really just flew under the radar.  Not many people know about Comecon at all, but I think this album in particular needs more attention.  Go HERE for more information about the other albums and line-ups.  I see this album on Amazon a lot of about 5 USD, so pick it up after you download it.  Classic early 90's death metal.

Download HERE


  1. Looking forward to hearing this. I love the vaguely Entombed logo.

  2. Okay, so you are going to think I'm insane but I like this alot more than Consvming Impvlse.

  3. fucking cool!!! it is a very good album and this shit kicked ass in the 90's...