Friday, May 1, 2009

Lil' Markie - Music To Serve The Lord By

This record will give you something to think about over the weekend.  This is by far the most disturbing, grotesque abberration I have ever heard.  My wife won't let me listen to it in front of her, and I dont even want to.  Its sick, vile and horrid.
Lil' Markie is the alter-ego of Mark Fox, some crazy delusional Uber-Christian.  He used to tour around churches and convention centers and sing in a high-pitched soprano voice pretending to be a little kid.  The songs preach Christian values, but in the most fucked up way you can imagine.  "Diary Of An Unborn Child" is a song narrated by a fetus as he is aborted, and "Story Of An Alcholic Father" is the narration ofa child whose life is taken by his alocholic father.  
How this is supposed to preach any values or be healthy in anyway is beyond me.  Visit this LINK for more info and even video.    As far as I know, Lil Markie has 3 Lps out, and I own one, and have Mp3s of the others.  Between the albums, there are a lot of repitition of tracks, so I decided to include here the most complete and cohesive album "Music To Serve The Lord By."
If nothing else, you have to download this just to listen to "Diary Of Unborn Child."  It is wrong.  If you have a faint heart, do not download HERE.

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