Monday, May 4, 2009

Eric Friesen - The Friesenberg Concertos

One morning in June of 2006 I got up early and went to work.  When I got to my office I checked my Email and there was an Email from an Agalloch fan passing on his condolences of the passing of my friend Eric Friesen of Windham Hell.  I thought, there must be some mistake, I havent heard of Eric dying, how would some random guy on the internet know?  I called his best friend Leland, the mainman behind Windham Hell, and he confirmed the news.  Eric died due to complications with his diabetes.
Now that it has almost been 3 years since his death, I thought I would post his last solo album, plus a couple of bonus tracks.  He had two solo albums, and both were self released, limited ventures that got no attention and weren't distributed hardly at all.  Friesen was a guitar genius, a real virtuoso that sadly never got the recognition he deserved.  
Presented on 'The Friesenberg Concertos" are his interpretations of everything from Vivaldi to Bach, to Beethoven to Mendelssohn with everything performed by Friesen.  At the end I tagged on a couple of experimental pieces that were never released, at least to my knowledge.
You can find more info on Eric HERE and download the album HERE.

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  1. I'm late to find this, but thanks for posting. Thanks to Aquarius Records, I've enjoyed listening to Wyndham Hell and Eric Friesen over the years and was also saddened to hear about his death in 2006. Glad to see him receiving some well-deserved appreciation.