Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Confessor - Confessor EP

In 1991 Confessor's debut album "Condemned" was received by many like a turd in a punch bowl.  It was strange, unsettling, and no one had ever hearad anything like it.  Strange ass off-kilter drums, and grating soprano vocals over mathy doomy guitar work.  Nothing has existed like it since.
Confessor are truly a "Love 'em or hate 'em" type band, and I love 'em.  Like caviar, they are a required taste, but man, the fruits they bear are worth trying again and again, they are a singular experience.
Today fans on Confessor regard them as legendary.  Members from Pantera to Sepultura to various death metal bands all over the world have cited them as an influence.  in 2002 the band reformed and released a demo, an EP and a full length to mixed reviews.  
This EP was released in 1992 and features two Trouble covers and two originals.  The Ep is a rare taster into this extraordinary band.  Find more info on them HERE and download the album HERE.

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