Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plan E - E For Your Ears / E For Your Eyes

Plan E is the project of Jani Lehtosaari who may be best known as being the bassist for Impaled Nazarene from 1996-2000.  Plan E is nothing like Impaled Nazarene however.  It is bass guitar driven, distorted bass guitar that is, and features electronics, clean vocals and is highly influenced by Joy Division.  The aforementioned label, Solardisk was run by Jani as well, and had a select few hardcore and experimental bands on the roster such as Terveet Kadet and Driller Killer and a few others.  
Plan E released these two 3" CDs in a very limited number in 1996.  After this they released two full length albums "Songs For A Rainy Day" and 'Lost And Found" as well as a split EP with a shoe-gaze band I used to be in called Climb To Zalem, and a few vinyl releases and compilations.
This band has to be one of the most unknown, and yet best bands to come from Finland.  A simple Google search yields barely any results for the band at all, yet they are incredibly powerful, and incredibly innovative.  I think it must be noted that there is no guitar on these recordings at all, just vocals, bass, drums and electronics/keyboards.  
Find their official website HERE.  Later I will be posting more from this band, including the albums, which showcase a more refined and developed soung than these initial offerings.  
Download HERE.

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