Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Waking Life OST

Today we have a guest blogger, Erez Lasman from Israel.  He wanted me to share this soundtrack with'll let him take over.

The wheels of creativity are oiled by the will of the people. The perception of one form of art and its transformation to another is one example. To be precise, a musician sees a film and writes a new song, capturing the visual essence into sounds. The true dreamers of the world set the fringes between-which mainstream culture can exist. 

Listening to the soundtrack of Waking Life outside the body of the film brings forth a different experience to mind. For example, I am reminded by the works of Schoenberg. It is an atonal experience, like being locked in a room of mirrors with only a sheet of acid to share your solitude with. The music itself is mostly atonal classical music, but sometimes the music moves to a more salsa-influenced direction, bringing with it a different set of colors and images. 

The thing I like most about this soundtrack is that it can truly function apart from the film, and instead of being caught with the stillness soundtrack music usually experiences outside the vehicle of the film, it shows a lesson in how different forms of art can help each other to birth new and different creations. In short, visual is sound is taste is touch is smell. 

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