Thursday, May 21, 2009

Remember - Promo '96

In 1995 I was living in Minneapolis, MN and didn't know many people.  I wandered into a record store on Nicollet Mall and heard a long haired kid ask for the new Mortiis album.  I approached him and we started talking.  This long hair was Cordell Klier.  Now Cordell is fairly well known as a dark electronics/glitch/experimental artist, as well as performing spoken word, graphic design and running DoctSect Media for years.  
We became good friends and reveled in Kvist, Brighter Death Now, SPK, Ved Buens Ende, and countless noise and black metal bands.  We recorded this promo in 1996 together with one keyboard, one microphone and a 4-track.  It is a strange mix of ambient, black metal, trip hop, and electronica, and to this day I am still proud of this cassette.
In a separate folder you will find an unreleased, untitled and UNFINISHED track that we recorded at famed Gark Studios in Minneapolis, with Dave Pinsky who recorded and produced The Beastie Boys for years.  The G Spot that the Beastie Boys refer to is Gark Studios.  We recorded this in a day to 2" tape, and never finished it due to financial issues.
I don't have a scan of the cover, so here is a generic photo for you to enjoy.
Download HERE.  

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  1. Hey this site is fantastic!

    Great work on Agalloch, one of my favorite bands!

    Any chance to re-upload this or any other dead links on this site?