Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fossil Fuel - I Hate Music

I first heard Fossil Fuel when doing a tape trade with Ash from Estuary Of Calamity in the early 90's.  He taped me some old Nihilist Demos and he threw on some Fossil Fuel at the end of side A.  Well, it blew me away.  I ignored the Nihilist and fell in love with Fossil Fuel.  it became the soundtrack of my high school years.  I listened to these demos over and over and over, my friends and I quoting them again and again, ad nausem.  
Fossil Fuel is comprised of Poopy, Food Fortunata and the Punk Drum Beat Maker.  You may know the first two guys from acts such as Sockeye, or Kill The Hippies.  Fossil Fuel is my favorite of the grandiose Ohio tardcore scene, and these songs of absolute political incorrectness and and hilarity truly changed my life.
To this day I regard Fossil Fuel as a band that shaped not only my musical taste, but my humor as well, and they will forever be one of my favorite bands.  Included here is a "best of" called "I Hate Music."  It's unbelievable.  Download HERE.  


  1. more tardcore to be found at,wheelchair and more the blood red oscars,yobel weenel,putrid teeth,butt tooth,sacktap,los hymees,united booger recycling,rare sockeye stuff,suckdog,and tons more thanks!

  2. I love these guys. Been listening since the tape trading days of the 90s. FInding them on an Eerie Materials comp was a revelation.

  3. One of the best bands of all time.

  4. ahhhhh that weapon!!! is not the weapon used by Squall in Final Fantasy VIII? jjajaja just kidding, I heard the band and the true is that is a good band, with few experience but with a great potential.