Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Necropolis - Descent

Attention Agalloch and Sculptured fans.  Don Anderson, guitarist for both bands, had a band in high schoool.  They were thrashy, melodic and probably wore high top sneakers.  Today I have their "Descent" demo, which was recorded at Soundtracks studios with Ronn Chick, as were all Sculptured albums, and most Agalloch albums.  
This is definitely an interesting listen for Sculptured fans especially, as you can hear Don's trademark style shining through, as well as his growls and even a couple Sculptured riffs in their infancy as well as Don's penchant for using samples.  
Also on these recordings are Tom Walling on lead vocals, who also joined Don on the lastest Sculptured record "Embodiment."  So, download this HERE and listen to what Don was doing when he was 14.  Were you this good at 14?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

P.S. The photo above is actually a really old Sculptured photo since I don't have any Necropolis photos.  That's Don in the middle, with Necropolis drummer John Schlegel to his right, all the rest featured in the photo were not in Necropolis.  From the left it is Brian Yaeger (ex-Sculptured), the tall guy is Nick Wusz (ex-VOID, Sculptured) and myself on the far right, and yes we are in an elevator.  


  1. I had no idea Nick was in Sculptured. I also had no idea you had the hair of an Indian woman.

  2. Yeah, seriously looks like Sacajawea there

  3. You can find the Necropolis photo at the Damien Koeman's site: