Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jam Handy - Hidden Bone And Hidden Gristle

When I was doing my label, this was by far my best selling release, and one of my personal faves.  Jam Handy are a mysterious duo of guys who make Negativland look pedestrian.  Their brand of plunderphonics and cut up found/junk sound scape is the best I have ever heard.
These two guys took a multitude of garage sale cassettes, and goodwill vinyl, and found sounds anywhere they could find them, and created this masterpiece entitled "Hidden Bone And Hidden Gristle."  It is long sold out now, and was limited to 100 copies, so it is probably impossible to find in any mail order or store.
The thing I really like about this release, is even though it is all over the place, themes keep repeating, and ideas keep re-emerging, just like a pop song.  This album is hysterical and disturbing all at once.  Absolutely brilliant.
Even when I was working with these guys they were very mysterious to me.  I never really knew either of their names, never knew much about them except for one went by the name of Wodnerdog on some Internet forums.  This is a must listen.  So download HERE.  

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