Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing - The Grey Subaudible

I consider this the debut album from Nothing.  The first CD was a mere collection of rough 4 track demos re-released to appear like an album, and that collection was less than satisfactory.  Anyway, in 1999 I wrangled my friend Nihk Loiacano into helping me with a TRUE debut album, and this is what we have here, "The Grey Subaudible" released via Eibon Records in 2000.
Nihk and I composed this over a period of time in 1999 and recorded it with Brady Holmberg in Minneapolis, MN.  This was my first real forray into the world of dark electronics, and is the Nothing album I am the most proud of today.
It was released in a really nice glossy digipack with a great fold out booklet with lyrics and design by Mauro Berchi of Eibon Records as well as Canaan and Ras Algethi of course.
The album is almost sold out, and I am sure it will never be repressed, so here it is.  Enjoy!
More information on Nothing HERE and download HERE.  


  1. On Metal-Archives is says that Don Anderson and John Haughm are past members. What did they ever do for "Nothing"?

  2. John sang on a couple tracks on the demo CD "Nondescript" and has performed live with Nothing when we interpreted John Zorn's "Cobra" game piece. Don has performed live with Nothing opening for Agalloch and performing the Zorn piece as well as being on the "Carried By A Red Thread" 3" CDr and being on a rare comp track called "Drowning In Rain."

  3. I've got this stashed somewhere, I think I need to break it out again. Have you talked to Mauro lately? Last I talked to him he wasn't in good health.


  4. Aesop, did I give it to you? brandon, I have talked to him lately, still battling with health, and with a little baby too.

  5. This is probably one of my favorite dark electronic ambient or whatever type of releases ever. I'm really glad I got a copy of it back in the day. Stunning stuff.

  6. Just wanted to pop by and say this is one of my all-time favourite albums. Thanks for making it available here!