Thursday, September 17, 2009

V.B.G. - Compilation

V.B.G. stood for Victimized By Gypsies, and it was my first proper band. We were teenagers in Bozeman, Montana and played shows around the Bozeman area for a few years. We were a grindcore/death metal band that worshiped at the feet of Napalm Death, Obituary, Carcass and Pungent Stench.

We released two demos "Staff Infection" and "Auntie Christ" both in 1992. At the time, and in our area especially, death metal was totally unknown, local kids thought we had invented it. Adam Jelinksi and I shared song writing duties, and we each sang on the songs we had written, later, Joe Ulvi joined us on second guitar, and he then started writing as well.

The line up was:
Jason Walton - Bass/vocals
Adam Jelinski - Guitar/Vocals
Ladd Rutherford - Drums
Joe Ulvi - Guitar

Most of our songs had a bit of humor in them, and many didn't have lyrics at all, just rhythmic growls. Here we have both of our demos, and some live tracks. The photo here is all of us except Joe in an art class. Me, with an Entombed "Clandestine" shirt, Adam with a Ramones shirt, and Ladd with an Entombed "Crawl" shirt.

Download HERE.


  1. yes!!!
    this is why a person should google their own name every once in a while.
    Thanks Jason!!

  2. Haha. Good to hear from you Joe, long time.

  3. This is perfect because I remember when I was a teenager and my friends and I had a terrific band we weren't famous so we enjoyed so much our work, we were called the strangers, because every one of the group was so rare and also every one came from different countries.m10m