Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aphrodisiac - Nonsense Chamber

This album was released in 1997 on the legendary Elfenblut/Misanthropy Record label. The band consisted of Svein Egil Hatlevik of Fleurety, Dodheimsgard, and many others, as well as Vicotnik of Ved Buens Ende.

When this album was released, it opened doors to me. It showed me realms of sound I knew little about, but was hungry to explore. One day I sat in my apartment and did nothing else but listen to this album on repeat, like reading a sentence over and over, striving to glean what meaning you can from it. Later that day a friend dropped by and when he asked me why someone would take the time to make such a noise and record it to CD, my only response was "I don't know."

Now many years later, I still hold this album close to my heart.

Download HERE and info HERE


  1. The tracklist on metal-archives is significantly different from this one. Not only the names of the tracks, but also the number of tracks. Is this the tracklist on the physical release?

  2. yes, this is what is on the physical release

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