Friday, April 9, 2010

Timeghoul - Tumultuous Travelings

My friend Tanner Anderson recently reminded me of these guys, one of my favorite demo bands from the early '90s. Timeghoul was the piece that just would not fit. They were ahead of their time, oddballs and rejects that didn't have a home or an easily classifiable sound to help them get noticed. They released two demos, the last of these being released in 1994, and shortly thereafter split up.

Here we have their first demo "Tumultuous Travelings," released in 1992. John Haughm and I were both friends with Jeff Hayden, Timeghoul mastermind, and spoke with him frequently around this time. If I remember correctly, Jeff was a high school teacher, and was very odd. At one point he sent John a piece of bacon in the mail.

More info HERE and download HERE

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  1. I had never heard about Timeghoul, according to you they were from the early '90s so it is unknown for me, I'd like to find out this album because my best friend told me it's heavy, and this is the style I like.m10m