Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crud Bucket Films Anthology

Many years ago, my good friend Food Fortunata sent me a VHS of some live Sockeye, live Fossil Fuel, a Boy In Love; movie, and some other nonsense. He also sent me these wonderful black and white short films starring himself, Matt Lindsay, and some other goofs. I loved them. I play them for everyone I can find. I was thrilled when last year, a DVD of these films arrived in my mailbox, and almost as thrilled when I recently found them on youtube.

The thing I love about these films is that they are very well done, and perfectly exhibit the strange unique quirkiness of the Ohio "tardcore" scene that these guys embody. Critics get hung up on the base and juvenile humor, so they miss out completely on how brilliantly clever these jokes and themes are as well as how they so deftly dodge boring comic pitfalls. These guys have always been my heroes. Enjoy.

Sweet Corn

Young Toughs

Crud Boy

Cast Short

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