Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MC Hawking - E = MC Hawking

MC Hawking is one bad mofo. He rules the streets and those bitches from MIT better recognize. The Hawkman has been rhyming and running the streets for years now, and the creationists better watch their backs.

"E = MC Hawking" is a compilation of some of the better tracks from this master MC, even including a Led Zeppelin medley.

Info on MC Hawking HERE and download this album HERE


  1. The viseo is so good,I really like this kind of music The Hawkman is one of the best one in the rhythm, so My favorite English rock band are Led Zeppelin!22dd

  2. Haha love this shit its hilarious. This and the poops, you know snappity toot?
    Just wish i could find more info on them