Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I.S.S. - Forget About The Girl

I.S.S. or Ideal Social Situation has only released this one album, published in 2002. The band is lead by Estradasphere bassist Tim Smolens, it is his nod to Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, as well as the whole boy band phenomenon.

For those familiar with Estradasphere, perhaps you are also familiar with the songs where Tim comes out front and croons, if you are, this is for you.

It is rather hard to describe this music, as it is so well constructed and executed, that calling it a joke or a parody seems to fall short of what is actually delivered. I am sure that some is tongue in cheek, but you can also tell that Tim has a deep love for the music, but can also poke fun at it.

Definite must listen for Estradasphere fans or those who love The Beach Boys.

More info HERE and download HERE


  1. I remember getting this in one of my Audio-Savant 'bonus' packages. :)

  2. Thanks for upping this, thought I'd never find it again.

  3. Well on that times the guys had a good music, but I don't know sometime in 2004 something happend that made them start playing depressing music... which is no t good at all and in 2005 the band just dissapear...
    Thanks for sharing.