Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monumentum - In Absentia Christi

Here we have the first band in what I call the Italian Doom movement. No, the movement is not documented or even real, it is just a little arbitrary designation I have for bands like Ras Algethi, Canaan, Neronoia and the like, and Monumentum were the first.

Roberto Mammarella was the main man behind Monumentum, but had help along the way with members of Ataraxia, Canaan... and oh, Roberto also was in the stunning Cultus Sanguine and owns the super awesome cult label Avantgarde Music.

This is Monumentum's debut album, they only had two full length albums, and is a good point of departure and blue-print for many bands to follow. You can hear this style aped and expanded upon by many bands even today.

More info HERE and download HERE


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  2. Italian doom movement genre creation approved. References to Canaan mean instant download.

  3. don't mistake doom with gothic. the italian doom movement was created by early Death SS and Paul Chain back in the 70s.

  4. What a band that's terrific because it was a compilation they were was perfect, first time I listened this album I was so petrified, because it's so creepy.m10m